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Gratitude to heal you life – Fear

Fear can play a major part in our lives and can also stop us from progressing with our life path. When we look at our daily lives most of us will have fear of something. Generally this fear will stop us from doing. Fear can result from many issues fear of commitment, fear of the unknown, fear of failure…… By overcoming our fears we are dealing with issues that can keep us stagnated and living in the past.
Overcoming fear doesn’t happen instantly or automatically. Action is required and it is a result of our deliberate intention to overcome the fear we have. As we tackle fear head on we grow as people and expand the possibilities that surround us in life.
Overcoming fear is a skill that anyone can learn. The problem is that most people cling to their fears, because it’s part of who they are and the fear of change can sometimes be perceived as worse that the fear that they are trying to overcome, therefore it becomes a vicious circle.

When we look at our fears we need to look at our lives as a whole. Let’s say we have a fear of getting hurt by relationships, because we have been hurt by a past partner. We know that the hurt we endured pain at the time and that we do not want to feel this again, so we close our hearts down and don’t let anyone in. This fear is stopping any kind of happiness from entering our lives. Let’s face it we all need to be in a loving relationship, to have someone there to love us unconditionally. But the fear of “hurt” is stopping that from happening. It is stopping us from moving forward with our life and stopping us from finding happiness and the loving committed relationship which we crave. If we can find a way to control this we would be moving forward and living in the present and in turn make room for happiness. When we have overcome one fear it makes it easier to overcome other fears too. What do you have to lose?

Ways to overcome fear

Before you can overcome you fears you need to know exactly what you are afraid of. Take a good look at the pictures that come to mind when you think of your fear, how do you feel about them? How do you perceive them? then put them into perspective.

Believing in yourself
Have faith in yourself that you can change anything you wish too. By having the belief in yourself that you can overcome your fears you are sending that message out to the universe and in turn the universe will send you more thoughts of believing in yourself. (law of attraction)

Forgiveness is a tool that can be used in almost all circumstances. Most of our fears stem from things we have experienced in our lives. By forgiving these situations we are letting go of the feelings associated with the experiences, allowing us to move forward from the situation.

Gratitude is a very powerful tool. Whenever you feel fear, switch it over to what you are grateful for instead. If you’re afraid of public speaking, be grateful for the opportunity to communicate with so many people, and that they are there to genuinely listen to what you have to say.
Positive thought
When we are driven by fear we are looking at the negative, by changing our thoughts and feelings around the situation to positive we can overcome the fear, so instead of thinking about the worst scenario that could happen, think about the most positive thing that could happen.

Affirmations are positive statements that, when repeated frequently can change our subconscious. Using positive affirmations can help you to overcome any fear. Let’s say you have a fear of failure a good affirmation would be “I am successful”.

Writing down our fears can help us to understand them and our thoughts and feelings about them. When we write them down we are stopping them from spinning round and round in our heads.

Reading books on the fears we carry can help to give us clearer understanding of our fears and where they may stem from. Enabling us to start to deal with them.

Professional help
There are many therapies that can help us to overcome our fears if they are deep rooted including Hypnosis, EFT, Reiki and life coaching.

Talking about our fears to others can help us to start to put them into perspective and you may just find you are talking to someone who has the same fears as you.

Ask yourself if there is something you are meant to learn from this fear, what is your fear trying to tell you. Listen to your thoughts and feelings.

Have control
Stop playing the victim and take back control.

Take Action
Your fears are not going to just disappear, you will need to take action in order to overcome them.

When our fears come up take action immediately, acknowledge, release and heal. You can use any of the tools we have previously looked at including affirmations, positive though and gratitude.

Until next week

Suzi 🙂


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Most of us have been hurt or wronged by people we love or care about.  Maybe you have been criticized by parents, cheated on by a spouse or, constantly told you are stupid by the people around you. Whether they hurt us by actions or words the effects can cause us to feel bitter and resentful.  It is when we hold on to these feelings that we start to cause ourselves problems and this can leave us with lasting feelings of anger, bitterness or wanting revenge.

What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a conscious decision to let go of resentment, bitterness, anger and thoughts of revenge.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you deny the other person’s responsibility for hurting you, and it doesn’t minimize or justify the wrong. You can forgive the person without excusing the act. Forgiveness brings a kind of peace that helps you move forwards with your life releasing resentment and pain.

The act that hurt or offended you might always remain a part of your life, but forgiveness will help to alleviate its grip on you and help you focus on other more positive parts of your life. Forgiveness can also help you to understand and offer feelings of empathy and compassion for the person who hurt you. Forgiveness also stops you looking back at past events and allows you to focus on the Present.

What are the benefits of forgiving someone?

Letting go of hurt, anger, pain and bitterness can make way for compassion, kindness, understanding and peace.

Forgiveness can also lead to:

Healthier, happier relationships.

Less anxiety, stress and hostility.

Lower blood pressure.

Fewer symptoms of depression and sadness.

Lower risk of alcohol and substance dependency.

The ability to live in the present and stop focusing on the past.

What are the effects of carrying this hurt and pain?

When we are unable to forgive the person who wronged us we will repeatedly bring the same scenario’s into our lives, relationships and experiences. If you become so wrapped up in the wrong you will never enjoy the present or the future. This can often lead to depression and often alcohol dependency which will numb the constant pain. The pain you are carrying can also stop you feeling that your life has purpose or that you are of value and loved by others.

When we carry around anger, frustration, un-forgiveness and pain our energy levels are of a low vibration. When we live on a low vibration we attract people on a low vibration, thus bringing forwards the same kind of relationships we have previously experienced, so nothing will change. As we forgive and change we will higher our vibration and attract people on a higher vibration, changing our experiences and our relationships.

How to forgive?

By forgiving you are committing to change, letting go of negativity, releasing fear and living in the present.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Look at the situation honestly and how it is affecting your everyday life, health and well-being. Do you want this person to still be in control of your life or are you going to take back control and stop playing the victim?

How will forgiving this person change your everyday life? Will it allow you to make the changes you need too to start enjoying you life?

When you’re ready, actively choose to forgive this person who’s hurt or wronged you so that you can move forwards with your life.

Move away from your role as victim and release the control and power the offending person and take back control.

As you let go of hurt and pain you will no longer define your life by how you’ve been hurt in the past. You will be living in the present and planning your future. You might even find compassion and understanding for others.

Use Gratitude and affirmations to help give you the strength you need to let go and forgive others as well as yourself.

“I am grateful i can forgive myself for my mistakes.”

” Thank you for helping me to release my hurt and anger.”

“I am grateful that i have taken back control of my life, i am no longer a victim and i can forgive everyone that has caused me pain, hurt or suffering.”


What if the person I’m forgiving doesn’t change?

Getting another person to change his or her actions, behavior or words isn’t the point of forgiveness, we all have fee will. Think of forgiveness more about how it can change your life, by bringing you peace, happiness, and emotional and spiritual healing. Forgiveness can take away the power the other person continues to have in your life.

Forgiveness is about you and moving your life forwards, not the person who wronged you.

If you are constantly looking at the past, how can you enjoy your present and build your future???

Until next week,


Suzi 🙂

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This week we are going to look at the law of attraction in a little more detail to help us to keep our thoughts positive as this works really well with gratitude.


The law of attraction is the universal law that says “ like attracts like”, and that by using this process we can bring into our lives the things that we want. Every thought we have goes out into the universe and the universe brings us back what we have thought about, whether that thought is negative or positive. The universe cannot distinguish between the things we want and the things we don’t, it just reacts to the thought patterns we have.

Einstein proved that everything in the universe is made of energy and this energy vibrates on different frequencies. The law of attraction is one of the most powerful universal laws, this law states that whatever we send out to the universe we get back, like attracts like. So if we are sending out negative thoughts and emotions we will get back more negative thoughts and emotions. If we send out positive thoughts and emotions we will get back positive thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts have a frequency and are magnetic, as we think our thoughts we magnetically attract like thoughts.

Imagine if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts about your job, such as “I detest my job” guess what, the universe will bring in thoughts about your job which in turn will bring in more things to dislike about your job. Therefore if you don’t like you job, do something about it, nothing is going to change unless you put in the effort to do something about it and then take action. Use the law of attraction to make the changes you would like in life and then use gratitude and affirmations to affirm them.

If you are a positive person and are sending out lots of positive thoughts you give the universe the opportunity to bring in more positive thoughts. Let’s say you love your job. You wake up in the morning excited to go to work, to see your colleagues, clients etc. not only do you have a positive mind set but you are also sending thoughts out that you are happy, excited etc. guess what the universe will bring in more thoughts about liking your job and you will have more things to be happy and excited about.

It is important to understand that our thoughts become manifestations, our thoughts become our life! If we take the time to look back at the past we can see how we brought things to us, they were our thoughts. Maybe we spent a lot of time thinking about debt, and now we have a lot of debt, maybe we spent a lot of time thinking we were not worthy of the wonderful relationship we had with our partner and now that relationship is over. Maybe we spent a lot of time thinking about our dream house and now we are living in that dream house.

One of the reasons that people do not have the things they want in their lives is because they spend more time thinking about the things they don’t want or have rather than the things they do want. The universe doesn’t work with negatives like don’t, no and not. It just removes these words so it is very important to think about your thoughts. For example “I don’t want to miss the bus.” The universe hears I want to miss the bus, and your day just gets worse from here on in! Instead of I don’t want to miss the bus change it to a positive, I will arrive at the bus stop in plenty of time.

Of course it is impossible to monitor every single thought we have as we have so many in a day. Firstly concentrate on the things you would like to change! Think about the perfect job, the perfect body, abundance etc. and go from there.

The law of attraction is a three step process: ask, believe and receive. It is really that simple and there are some great tools that you can use to help you to manifest the life you desire. We are the creators of our lives and our dreams and we have the power to manifest anything we wish.

Ask – send out the thoughts of the things you would like with feeling, feel what it would be like to have the things you want.

Believe – believe that you deserve them and believe that the universe will deliver them, you don’t need to worry about how they will be delivered, just believe that they will.

Receive – now you have done the hard work, be open to receiving what you have asked for, however it arrives.

Tools to help you to use this three step process.

There are many tools available to help us with taking control of our lives and manifesting the life we deserve, here are a few that I have found very helpful.
Meditation – helps quieten the mind so you can focus on the things you truly desire
Positive thought – brings in more things to be positive about.
Affirmations – positive statements that affirm we have what we want.
Gratitude – the more we are grateful for the more the universe will bring us to be grateful for.

Visualization – see the things you want, visualize and imagine what they look like.

Feelings – feel excited about having the things you want, feel the feelings of having everything you want.
Vision Boarding – a collage of pictures you can see often to help you visualize what you want.
Intention – intend to have the things you desire.
Releasing blockages – we may have blockages that stop us from having the things we desire like being uncomfortable around money, or feeling that you don’t deserve money so releasing any blockages is necessary in order to receive.
Forgiveness – when we forgive we are letting go of past issues and living in the present.
Working with the moons phases – the moon is a very powerful energy and its phases have been used for hundreds of years. There is a phase for removing the things you want and one for bringing in the things you desire.
Goal setting – setting goals helps us to have focus and to see the things we have achieved.
Cosmic ordering – allows us to have real focus on what we want and is a ritual to send out to the universe what we truly desire.
Speak your truth – when we speak from our hearts, we speak our truth and it is very liberating.


This week look at one thing you truly desire, be it job, health, home etc and use gratitude, affirmations and the law of attraction to send it out to the universe. Remember you can use both affirmations and gratitude as if you have already received what you want.

I am truly grateful that my job brings me clients i can help and inspire.

I am transforming into someone who is always focused on positivity and gratitude.

I know that I have the knowledge and resources to achieve my dreams.  Thank you.


Until next week




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Cinnabar Stone – The Merchants Stone

cinnabar31980aCinnabar has strong metaphysical properties, and it is known as a stone for manifestation, transformation, healing and wealth creation and has been labeled the ‘Merchants Stone’.

The energy of this stone may bring an increase of wealth into your business, increase cash flow and generally boost finances and help you to manifest the things you desire.

It is a stone of transformation, magic, alchemy and healing. It aids enhanced communication, self-expression and inspired thinking and may be used to align all of the chakras and release fear and resentment.

It will aid you with developing intuition, and brings an increase in your mental alertness, ingenuity and your ability to think more directly and creatively. Your creative gifts resonate from within your sacral chakra and this stone has a strong energy for enhancing creativity.

Cinnabar stone is a powerful transformation crystal. It will help you to create a healthier, happier life for yourself and those around you. It can also help you to release feelings of sadness, as well as any ancient karmic energy stuck in the lower chakras.

It has powerful metaphysical properties that encourage you to think in a more inspired and spiritually creative way and this connection between the spiritual world and the physical world makes this a potent stone. By bringing spiritual insights from your third eye to the lower chakras they may be brought into physical reality to manifest ideals, and to manifest money.


Using Cinnabar

This stone resonates strongly within the sacral chakra and base chakra and this energy is known to enhance kundalini awakening. It will encourage a stronger flow of life-force energy within these lower chakras, where it is known to stimulate sexual feelings, and may enhance personal relationships.

It is also thought to increase cash flow, so keeping some in your purse will be of benefit.

Cinnabar Stone has a strong vibration to ground excessive energy, taking any excess down via the base chakra to the earth chakra, to facilitate spiritual grounding.

This makes it a helpful stone to use for enhancing your personal relationships, as any excess of energy will safely dissipate to ground.

It is known to also help you to release fear and resentment… and to deal with hurt feelings, anger, and jealousy… and stop you from taking issues to heart.

It is a powerful stone to use during meditation, as it enables you to better understand the flow of energy from the Divine source to the physical world. This stone will encourage a greater flow of this energy to the physical body.

It is known as an excellent stone to have in your business to manifest money. The best way to use it is to keep it close to where you receive your money… as this method has been known to bring an increase in income.

It may help you to ascertain where problems are that may block your abundance and may bring an influx of abundance and prosperity into your life.

It also aids sales people… as it will increase your assertiveness and may aid your speech to be more articulate and more persuasive. It is known to stimulate an increase in self confidence and to facilitate more fluency in your communication.

Combining It With Other Stones

This stone has strong qualities for stimulating manifestation and will encourage abundance and prosperity and this may be enhanced further if you use it with any of the Golden stones… including Citrine Crystals, Sunstones, Yellow Labradorite, Chalcopyrite, Yellow Apatite and Amber.

Carnelian Stones

If you wish to bring an increase in your creative abilities you may combine it with one of the specific sacral chakra stones for enhancing creativity, including Orange Calcite, Sunstones, Zincite or Orange Carnelian.

To aid personal relationships… you may combine Cinnabar with Sardonyx, Red Jasper, Fire Agate, Zincite or Orange Carnelian.

Cinnabar is known to aid kundalini awakening… and Serpentine Stone is a powerful stone to use to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Use it with stones such as Black Tourmaline, Cuprite or Red Garnet… which are base chakras stones that also aid grounding. Phenacite and Super Seven are third eye chakra stones that stimulate mental and visionary abilities, so they will combine well with it to enhance this aspect.

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The History of Reiki

There are many stories about how Reiki was first discovered although it is agreed that Dr Usui re-discovered and named Reiki.

We already know that Reiki is a Japanese healing treatment that was later brought to the west. This means that there are two different branches of Reiki, a western and a traditional, we will look at these branches in a different chapter. Along with the different branches comes different stories on how Reiki was discovered. So lets have a look at the differing stories

The Western Version

Dr Usui was the dean of a small christian university in Koyto Japan. Whilst teaching one of his classes some students asked if he believed in the bible, he replied that he did, he was then asked if he believed that Jesus could heal the sick, again he replied that he did, the students pushed him further and quoted jesus’s saying “you can all do this too and more” and wanted to know if he believed this too and when would they be taught how to heal the sick like Jesus.

Dr Usui was Japanese and held very high values. He was not able to teach the students how to heal and honour told him that he should resign, which he did immediately.

Dr Usui made it his life’s mission to seek out the ability and knowledge to heal. He decided that as Jesus was christian he would travel to a christian country to find some answers, he traveled to America where he studied Christianity, philosophy and the scriptures at the university of Chicago for the next 7 years. He did not find what he was searching for in America so decided to follow in Jesus’s footsteps and go to Indian and Tibet in search of enlightenment.

Whilst in India Dr Usui studied the Indain and Tibetan sutras and learned sanskrit. But he still did not find what he was looking for so he decided to travel back to Japan to further his studies in Buddhism as he knew that Buddha had also healed the sick.

He visited many monasteries and asked the monks if they could heal the sick as Buddha had done as it was written in the sutras that he had healed the physical body, but all the monks said no and believed that healing the spirit was more important and that is why they couldn’t heal the body. Dr Usui was becoming very despondent but he did not give up his search. He came across a zen monastery where the monks agreed that the spirit needed healing 1st and this is what they were concentrating on and they believed that the answers for healing the body would come to them during their meditations. They invited Dr Usui to join them.

Dr Usui spent 3 years at this monastery searching the sutras and meditating with the monks. Through this meditation and discussions with other monks he came to the realization that enlightenment on how to heal the body would come to him if he fasted and meditated for 21 days.

Near Kyoto was a mountain called mount Kurama, he climb this mountain and found a beautiful spot for meditating and with water near by, he collected 21 stoned so that he could keep track of the days, he would throw one away everyday. For twenty one days he mediated and fasted, read the scriptures and prayed. During this time not unusual happened. Then on the morning of the 21st day, just before dawn he saw a flickering light way in the distance. As he focused on the light it got closer and closer, brighter and brighter. This did scare him a little and was tempted to run away but realized that was what he was there for and decided he should stay. He stood up and decided to see what happens, even if it meant his own death. Dr Usui realized that the light was a consciousness and was wanting to communicate with him, it said it was the enlightenment to healing others and it would have to hit him in the 3rd eye and could kill him. This decision was down to him, it had to be his own choice.

Dr Usui allowed the light to strike him, it was so powerful it knock him unconscious. it was in his trance like state that he started seeing coloured bubbles and symbols, this was Dr Usui being attuned to their energy. When he fully regained consciousness he knew that this was all that he was looking for. He felt amazingly energized and couldn’t wait to get back to the monastery to tell the other monks about it.

Dr Usui left the mountain in a hurry to get back to the monastery and on his way down the mountain he stubbed his toe, quiet badly, the pain ran through his body, he bent down and cupped his toe in his hand, the pain stopped almost instantly and so did the bleeding, he was amazed, he also noticed that his hand were getting really warm whist they were holding his toe. He continued on his journey, at the bottom of the mountain was a typical Japanese snack bar, he decided to stop and have something to eat, as did many who came down the mountain after fasting. It was here he met his first patient, after eating a very hearty breakfast, against the advise of the stall holder who was concerned that after fasting for 21 days he would get indigestion, he was preparing to pay when the owners grand-daughter came to clear the dishes with a very swollen face and tears in her eyes, he asked why, he was told tooth ache, he asked the owner if he could attempt to heal her, the girl gladly accepted. Dr Usui cupped her face in his hands and within a few minutes the pain and the swelling were gone. Both the proprietor and the girl were very happy and Dr Usui continued his journey.

When Dr usui returned to the monastery he learned that his good friend the abbot had been taken ill with very bad arthritis and was laid up in bed. He wasted no time in healing his friend, he placed his hands on the abbots body whilst telling him all about his enlightenment. The Abbot was astonished by his demonstration of healing, the friends talked into the night and decided that Dr Usui should go out in to the city to heal the sick. Dr Usui spent the next 7 years healing people in the poorest part of town and he was happy for a while until he realised that people were returning to him to be healed again. On questioning some of these people it became apparent that they didn’t value the healing they had received as it cost them nothing. He meditated on this and decided that giving the healing away for free did not give people any value to helping themselves and he closed his healing practice with great sadness.

It was at this time that he developed the 5 Reiki principles:

Just for today i will let go of anger

just for today i will let go of worry

Today i will count my many blessings

Today i will do my work honestly

Today i will be kind to every living thing.

He also realised that the symbols he was given on Mount Kumara were to initiate others into this healing system he called Reiki. He spent the rest of his years traveling around japan healing people. He also initiated 16 people before his death in 1926 into Reiki and charged his friend Dr Hayashi with the responsibility of continuing his Reiki teachings .

Dr Hayashi was 47 when he was initiated in reiki and had spent many years following Dr Usui on his travels around Japan. He was an excellent healer in his own right and it came as no surprise that Dr Usui made him Reiki Grand master before his death. Dr Hayashi went on to open the first Reiki clinic in Tokyo and it was whilst observing and record keeping that he came up with the 12 hand positions that are used today. He also divided the reiki attunement process in to 3. It is not known how many people Dr Hayashi attuneded into Reiki but as a know psychic he knew that there would be a great war and decided that two women should be initiated as most of the men he had attuned would have to fight and Reiki needed to live on.

Mrs H Takata

Born in 1900 in Hawii to Japanese imagrants Mrs Takata was an American national. She worked at a sugar plantation and was married with 2 children, unfortunately her husband died at a very young age and she was left to keep the family going. She worked harder and harder to replace her husbands wage to keep the family going and she was becoming sick, her parent had already returned to japan at this time. On a visit to japan to see her parent she became very sick and was rushed into hospital, in the operating theatre whilst being prepared for sugery she was strongly impressed to question the doctor about alternative treatment.

The surgeon knew of Dr Hayashi’s work at the reiki clinic and sugested that she may try this. She immediatly cancelled her operation and went to the clinic. She was very impressed with the diagnosis the clinic had given her as it was the same as the hospital diagnosis and she decided to start treatment with them. She attended the clinic every day for a few months and made a full recovery. Whilst she was at the clinic she not only saw how well Reiki worked on other people but on herself too. She knew she had to learn the art of Reiki.

Unfortunately Mrs Taukata had two major things to overcome before she could learn Reiki, firstly she was and woman and secondly she was not Japanese. It was 1935 and the notion of a Japanese art being taught to a foreigner was out of the question but to teach a woman was unheard of. She did not give up and knew that she had to show her devotion and offered to sell her house. All this would not have been enough had Dr Hayashi not had vision of the world war and he knew that a woman had to be attuned.

Mrs Taukata was finally initiated in the 1st degree of Reiki and spent the year working with Dr Hayashi. She then took her second degree and returned to Hawaii to open her clinic. In 1938 Dr Hayashi visited her in Hawaii and gave her her third degree making her a Reiki master. At this time she was the only practicing Reiki master in the west and she was given the title Reiki grand master by Dr Hayashi just before his death in 1941. She stay as the only Reiki master for a while but then saw the need for more Reiki master and in the 1970′s she initiated 22 people before her death in 1980.

The Eastern Version

Dr Usui was born in 1865, he was a very industrious person that gave a lot of his time to study. He was very knowledgeable in medicine, psychology and studied many religions. He was also known as a psychic and fortune teller. Before he re-discovered Reiki he was running his own business, which had failed and left him in debt and demoralized. He wanted to know what the meaning of life was and sought guidance and help from above.He went to Mount Kurama, a place well know for spiritual enlightenment. It was not unusual at this time for people to meditate and fast for 21 days, so he went to his favorite spot, close to a waterfall and began his meditations. It was whilst meditating under the waterfall that he had a fleeting moment of enlightenment or Satori in Japanese, that he realised the meaning of life and the healing system he called Reiki became known to him.

From this time Dr Usui used the Reiki energy on friends and family. He saw how well it worked and he started using it on the public and then opened his Reiki clinic in Tokyo. His fame as a healer spread quickly and people visited him from far and wide, not only to be healed but to learn the healing system for themselves. It was then that the Reiki movement was born and he called it Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkei (Usui healing method society).

In 1923 a huge earthquake hit Tokyo causing total devastation, there were thousands injured and hundreds killed. Dr Usui used his reiki healing to great effect at this time and his clinic quickly became too small as his name and fame for healing spread all over Japan. He built a larger clinic just outside of Tokyo to cope with all the people that wanted healing. As his fame grew so did his invitations to travel, which he undertook and it was whilst he was traveling that he had a stroke and died in march 1926.

As you can see there are a some differences in the two versions of how Reiki was re-discovered. It is thought that the western version was brought about so that Reiki was more acceptable to Christians and particularly American who were not really taken with the Japanese and their culture at the time and Reiki is a healing method to be available to everyone. So personally i am not bothered with the stories about how Reiki was Re-discovered, just that it was re-discovered.

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