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We are now on week 2 of gratitude to change your life. How did you get on with week one? Have you started to see positive changes?

So this week we will be adding to what we learnt last week. Keep using some of the tools from last week that worked well for you and keep writing in your gratitude journal.

Day 7:

We need to learn to appreciate the people around us. Choose photos of 3 of your friends or family and stick them in your journal, now in turn write down at least 5 things that you appreciate about them and thank them for what they bring into your life. Eg. Thank you Kate for your patience and understanding. I am thankful for the laughter and happiness you bring me Kate.

Day 8:

Today is about changing your mind set from negative to positive. Try to find a positive in every situation Naturally we all talk about what is going wrong in our lives or what is missing rather than be grateful for what we do have. For example we may be struggling to find a job but we could be grateful that it allows us more free time to deal with other things.

Day 9:

Most of us are struggling with finances as we are just getting over Christmas. Be grateful every time you receive money, whether it is a small discount on something, someone paying you back or a penny you find on the street. Really feel gratitude for this small financial gain, no matter how small it is. As you are feeling the gratitude you will attract more abundance.

Day 10:

Waking up with a positive attitude is the best way to start your day. When you wake say thank you, on your way to the bathroom say thank you for the water you are about to use, the air you breath. As you get ready for your day say thank you in advance for the good day you will have. Practice saying thank you all day for every little thing.

Day 11:

Today we are going to find a gratitude rock, stone or crystal. It needs to feel nice in the palm of your hand. When you have found your perfect stone keep it with you until you go to bed and before going to sleep, close your eyes and visualize the best thing that happened to you today, when you have finished say thank you and place the stone on your bedside table. Do this every night for the next 30 nights.

Day 12:

Be grateful for your job, even if you are unemployed or hate your job. Make a list of the things that do make you happy, good workmates, friendly staff, all the tools you need to enable you to do your job etc. The more you are grateful for the more things the universe can bring in for you to be grateful for.

Day 13:

Its time to get on top of the bills! Find some old bills that you have already paid and feel grateful that you have been able to pay them and say thank you for the services that they provided you with. Now write on them, thank you – paid. Now on every new bill you receive either write thank you paid or if you are struggling to pay them write on them thank you for the money and have faith that the money will arrive.

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Welcome to my weekly column.

Each week we will be working with gratitude and other tools like affirmations, visualization, positive though, mind set and the law of attraction to help us to change our lives.  Just making small changes to the way we think and act can make a huge difference to how we feel, and when we feel more positive we are able to achieve more positive things.

So what is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation for something, whether it is for the food you eat, your relationship, your family or anything else you have in your life.  The list of things we can be grateful for is endless and by expressing our gratitude on a daily basis we are bringing positivity into our lives. Gratitude is a very powerful emotion, it can dissolve negativity, bring happiness and make you feel good too. When we focus our attention to the things we are grateful for we are living in the present moment.

On the same note if we are ungrateful for our lives and the people and situations around us we will just bring in more negativity and less things to be grateful for. Feelings of resentment, anger, jealousy and dissatisfaction are not only negative emotions but will just bring in more of the same negative emotions. When we focus on the things we have lost we are living our lives in the past and the good things we have around us in the present are being missed or ignored.

Einstein proved that everything in the universe is made of energy and this energy vibrates on different frequencies. When we are discontent and unhappy we vibrate on a very low frequency and when we are happy and content we vibrate on a much higher frequency. One of the most powerful universal laws is the law of attraction, this law states that whatever we send out to the universe we get back, like attracts like. So if we are sending out negative thoughts and emotions we will get back more negative thoughts and emotions. If we send out positive thoughts and emotions we will get back positive thoughts and emotions.

So this is where gratitude comes into play. When we are grateful for the things we have the law of attraction and the universe will bring us more things to be grateful for. Also when we spend time looking at what we have and are grateful for we are looking at the positives in our lives and are sending out positive thoughts and emotions which will also help lift our mood, help us to stay positive and help us to live in the present. If we are constantly looking at what we have lost we will continue to live in the past and give up on all the good, positive people, events and situations around us.

So how do we use gratitude on a daily basis?

It is very easy to bring gratitude into our everyday lives, the more we say thank you, the more we have things to say thank you for, like attracts like!

Write a Gratitude Diary

Spending 10 minutes a day writing a gratitude diary is a great way to get started. Before you go to bed at night spend a little time thinking about your day and write down, with feeling and emotion everything that made you happy and that you were grateful for, i.e. your college brought you a coffee, the train was on time, the queue in the shop was short, you avoided getting wet in the storm, whatever it is write it down in the present tense. “ I am grateful the bus was on time”,” I am grateful for the coffee Millie brought me.” etc.

I look forward to hearing how you all found this exercise and your thoughts and comments.

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reiki_logoReiki has recently become a popular choice of therapy for treating clients with anxiety.  It is an effective cure for anxiety as the cause of the anxiety is treated rather than just the symptoms. Reiki treats the client as a whole and will deal with many issues. Reiki treats the mind, body and soul, not just the symptoms that the client presents with.

The symptoms of anxiety often include insomnia, irritability, fear, lack of interest or motivation, fatigue, panic attacks, heart palpitations and chest pain. People suffering with anxiety will often have an unreasonable fear of something, it could be a fear of public speaking, fear of open spaces, fear of the unknown etc. which can lead to panic attacks.

How does Reiki help anxiety?

During a reiki session the practitioner will concentrate on the bodies 7 major chakras, please see the article on chakras.  The practitioner will start with the head allowing the client to go in to a deep state of relaxation and will work down the body to the feet. The session will allow the client to  let go of worry, fear, anger and past hurts and will  provide them with a sense of well being.

Also in my experience,  the clients i have been treating with various problems report that they have more energy, find it easier to concentrate, have more focus and motivation, feel more relaxed, sleep better and find they have purpose and direction again.

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journalWe all dream every night but many of us only remember little snippets of our dreams. During our sleep time our conscious mind or ego is switched off, making it easier for guidance to come through.

Keeping a dream journal is an excellent way to record and remember your dreams and the guidance you are receiving. Keep your journal by your bedside so that you can write in it as soon as you wake; as this will give you the most chance of remembering bits from your dreams. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense now, it will do at a later date, when you have more information. Any information no matter how irrelevant it may seem is worth writing down!


How to keep a Dream journal

Date your dream and then write down everything that you can remember. Write everything in the present tense.

Identify dream themes. Think about the location, characters, sensations, sounds, objects and emotions of the dream and how the dream made you feel.

You may then want to analyse the themes and fully interpret your dream. Otherwise, continue to write down all the memorable details in your dream journal.

Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation and grammar. As long as you can read it back later and it makes sense to you then it is fine.

Sketch any strong images from the dream. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist. A sketch is just to help you visualize the dream later on.

When you have finished, jot down any major events that are going on in your life at the moment so that you can link your dreams to reality.

Give the dream a title as this will make it easier for you to look back on.

Personalise your journal, add pictures, drawings etc. make it special to you.

Every now and then have a look through what you have written in your journal and see if there is a pattern emerging or if some of the dreams are now making sense. As we know our angels provide messages and guidance whilst we are in a dream state as then our ego can’t interfere whilst we are sleeping. This guidance is important; as we dream the same or similar dreams when getting guidance and they will keep happening until we understand the message we are being given.

We can also ask our angels, guides and loved ones to visit us in our dreams and give us answers and guidance. You can try saying the following just before you fall asleep or you can write it in your journal so that you have a record of the questions you have asked. You can address your question to angels, your guardian angel, guides or loved ones i.e. Archangel Michael or your Nan.

“Dear angels, whilst I am sleeping tonight please could you give me messages or guidance about my work situation, thank you.”

“Dear angels, please can you help me remember my dreams in the morning when I wake. Thank you.”

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ImageI thought I would discuss the differences between angels and guides.

Angels are beings of light and have never been incarnated on this earth plane. Spirit guides on the other hand have been re-incarnated many times. Spirit guides and Angels vibrate on different frequencies, angels vibrating on a much higher level than guides.

You will know when your angels are around you as their energy is so loving and gentle and they never tell you what to do, they just give guidance as they know we have free will. They are pure love and bring us only what will help and guide us. Some of your angels have been with you since your birth ie guardian angels and they will be with you until it is your time to leave this earth. Other angels will come in when you ask them to, or when you need help and guidance for a particular thing. You can call on these angels at any time and they will be with you.

Spirit guides are the souls of people who have left the earth and have received special training to become spirit guides. Whilst in training they are taught to also offer us love, guidance  and comfort. They can not make decisions for us or interfere with our free will. Spirit guides are usually either deceased loved ones like grandparents or if we need help with something particular a spirit guide with knowledge in that area will come in. Spirit guides can enter and leave our lives as we need them.

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How to make an angel altar

ImageAn angel altar is a very important link in establishing a strong, powerful connection with the angelic realm. Creating an angel altar is very simple to do and you don’t need to go out and buy lots of items. You can use items that you have found like shells, feathers, a pot plant, candles and anything that you feel will bring you closer to the angels.

An angel altar is an area of serenity where you can sit in peace and open your heart and mind to the angels and a harmonious sanctuary for your mind, body and soul. You can make it your own sacred space and by creating your angelic altar you are indicating to the angels that you wish to connect and communicate with them.


When creating an angelic altar you can experiment with the lay-out, position and/or the items placed on the altar. Here are my suggestions. Some of the items you don’t need to get immediately but they will help as you progress, these are marked with *

Place a large white candle in the middle of your altar on a white table cloth.

Add a statue or figurine of an angel (made from any material)

Add at least 2 different fragrances from essential oils, incense, pot plant or herbs, flowers, scented candles.

A few crystals that help with connection for you angels (help with selecting the right crystals below)

A pointed clear quartz pendulum *

A couple of large crystals, I would always suggest you have some rose quartz.

A large crystal sphere either clear quartz or sodalite. *

Then you can add any other items you wish including some of the items listed above.

Selecting the right crystals


Crystals are a great tool for helping with angelic connection. You may find that different crystal work well with different angels so you may like to buy a selection as you progress. For now if you already have a favourite crystal or gemstone you can see if they help you connect to your guardian angel, your angel will try to be helpful and is not fussy. When choosing your crystals you can connect to your guardian angel and if you have a pendulum ask your angel to show you which crystal they like. (more on pendulum work later)

These crystals are particularly good for angel connection, but if you are drawn to any others please feel free to give them a go.

Amethyst, angelite, green or purple fluorite, moonstone, clear quartz, rutilated quartz (angel hair) rose quartz or sodalite.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Spirit Divine,

Here I will be posting articles and information to help with spiritual development. Please feel free to ask questions and interact with the posts.

I hope you find the information here useful and i welcome any comments.

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