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Positive Thinking


This week we are looking as positive thought and how our thoughts affect our moods and feelings.

Positive thinking is key to our happiness and enjoyment of life, as well as helping us to be able to live in the present. When our thoughts are positive we bring positivity to other aspects of our lives including positive feelings, positive body language and we are also able to bring positivity to others, as well as increasing our own optimism. The more positive we are, the more positivity we bring to ourselves through the law of attraction, which we  have already discussed in another article.

Negative thoughts on the other hand can be quiet destructive. Not only do they drain your energy and keep you from enjoying the present moments they can also snowball into negative emotions and fear, the more you give into them the stronger they become. Once the negative thought patterns have started it is hard to stop them and it can be difficult to shift your focus to positive thoughts.

When we have negative thoughts about certain situations the whole situation can escalate and before you know it, your whole day, week, month and year has become negative.

For example, you are sitting alone in the dark at home. You are down, depressed and thinking negative thoughts. The phone rings and it’s a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. You become alert, your mood and feelings change and becomes more positive, you have a nice conversation. Then, after you’ve hung up, you get blue again and fall back into a depressed mood. Why?

Because we have let negative thoughts and emotions come back in. We control our thoughts and emotions, we can decide to stay up or down. We can go back and sit in the dark and feel glum or we can decide to find something positive to do to keep our mood positive.

As we begin to change our thoughts to positive thoughts we start to feel better. If we take positive action to change the way we think and feel , we will feel better. The focus should be on being happy now – not when you have a promotion, new job, etc. etc. Happiness is a result of a decision to be happy.

Every thought we have is sent out into the universe, whether that thought is positive or negative, but whatever we send out is what the universe sends back to us. For Example, if you think a lot about debt, how much debt you have, guess what, the universe sends us more debt. If on the other hand we spend a lot of time thinking about the things we are grateful for, the universe sends us more things to be grateful for. Every emotion and feeling we have is created by our thoughts, so as you can see positive thought is paramount to our happiness.

Our past thoughts and emotions are exactly that, they are the past and are not in our present. Today is a new day, a better day, and worrying about the past just dooms us in the present. It’s how you process it now that makes a difference. Take a good look at the negative thoughts that appear every day, process them, forgive them and let go of them!

Here are some practical ideas to help you shift your thought patterns. By practising some of these things on a daily basis you can turn negative thoughts and emotions around.

Yoga and exercise.
Exercise is a distraction that can get you away from the cycle of negative thoughts that among other things feed anxiety and depression, it also helps relieve stress. It also releases ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain (endorphins), which will improve your mood and as a result you will feel more energised.
Yoga is a particularly good exercise. It seeks to promote individual health and well-being through physical and mental exercise and deep relaxation.
Smiling / laughter.
Laughter really helps to change your mood and relieve stress. Put on your favourite funny movie, watch a comedian who will make you laugh or spend some time with friends. It takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown!
Surround yourself with positive people.
When you’re stuck in a negative spiral, talk to and spend time with people who can put things into perspective( those who won’t feed your negative thinking). In other words those who will not allow you to dwell in self-pity.
Change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive.
Instead of looking at all the negatives in your life, find a positive aspect in every situation and focus on that. Instead of dwelling on things you have lost or don’t have, be grateful for the things that you do have and in turn focus on those thoughts.
Don’t play the victim. You create your life—take responsibility.
You have choices and you can choose to be happy. Take responsibility for your thoughts, your life and your decisions. Take action and make the changes you need, no one else can do it for you!

Help someone.
Take the focus away from yourself and do something nice for another person. It will take you mind off of your problems and you will feel a sense of achievement at doing something worthwhile
Remember that no one is perfect and let yourself move forward.
We all make mistakes but it is what we learn from them that is important. If we dwell on and analyse these mistakes over and over again then we are not learning as this analysis keeps us in the past. Look at the mistakes, forgive them and move on.

Singing / Music.
When we sing, we show our feelings and this provides an amazing stress relief. It doesn’t matter what we sing, or if we know all the words, just sing! Music can also change our moods drastically, by playing depressing music it will keep us in a depressed mood, however if you change the music to something more upbeat it is very hard to stay miserable. Dancing can also help immensely, for example when doing the housework put on some upbeat music, sing, dance and let your emotions out, the housework then is also not a chore and you feel much better, more energised and more focused.


List ten things that you are grateful for right now. Being grateful helps us to appreciate what you already have, it also helps the universe to bring us more things to be grateful for. It also turns our thoughts to positive thoughts and stops us dwelling on what we don’t have. Use Gratitude throughout the day, even for the smallest of things, start from the minute you get up. (please see the article on gratitude.)

Read positive quotes / Affirmations.
Affirmations are a very powerful tool. They are positive statements, which when repeated, program the subconscious mind to create changes and improvement in your life. They trigger the subconscious mind into positive action. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations, they have to be repeated with attention, conviction, feeling, interest and desire.
Here are a couple of sample affirmations, ideally you should make your own using words that resonate with you.
“I am happy, confident and have everything that I need”
“I am grateful for the start of a new day”
“I am free to be who I want to be, Thank you”


Until next week,




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This week we are going to look at the law of attraction in a little more detail to help us to keep our thoughts positive as this works really well with gratitude.


The law of attraction is the universal law that says “ like attracts like”, and that by using this process we can bring into our lives the things that we want. Every thought we have goes out into the universe and the universe brings us back what we have thought about, whether that thought is negative or positive. The universe cannot distinguish between the things we want and the things we don’t, it just reacts to the thought patterns we have.

Einstein proved that everything in the universe is made of energy and this energy vibrates on different frequencies. The law of attraction is one of the most powerful universal laws, this law states that whatever we send out to the universe we get back, like attracts like. So if we are sending out negative thoughts and emotions we will get back more negative thoughts and emotions. If we send out positive thoughts and emotions we will get back positive thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts have a frequency and are magnetic, as we think our thoughts we magnetically attract like thoughts.

Imagine if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts about your job, such as “I detest my job” guess what, the universe will bring in thoughts about your job which in turn will bring in more things to dislike about your job. Therefore if you don’t like you job, do something about it, nothing is going to change unless you put in the effort to do something about it and then take action. Use the law of attraction to make the changes you would like in life and then use gratitude and affirmations to affirm them.

If you are a positive person and are sending out lots of positive thoughts you give the universe the opportunity to bring in more positive thoughts. Let’s say you love your job. You wake up in the morning excited to go to work, to see your colleagues, clients etc. not only do you have a positive mind set but you are also sending thoughts out that you are happy, excited etc. guess what the universe will bring in more thoughts about liking your job and you will have more things to be happy and excited about.

It is important to understand that our thoughts become manifestations, our thoughts become our life! If we take the time to look back at the past we can see how we brought things to us, they were our thoughts. Maybe we spent a lot of time thinking about debt, and now we have a lot of debt, maybe we spent a lot of time thinking we were not worthy of the wonderful relationship we had with our partner and now that relationship is over. Maybe we spent a lot of time thinking about our dream house and now we are living in that dream house.

One of the reasons that people do not have the things they want in their lives is because they spend more time thinking about the things they don’t want or have rather than the things they do want. The universe doesn’t work with negatives like don’t, no and not. It just removes these words so it is very important to think about your thoughts. For example “I don’t want to miss the bus.” The universe hears I want to miss the bus, and your day just gets worse from here on in! Instead of I don’t want to miss the bus change it to a positive, I will arrive at the bus stop in plenty of time.

Of course it is impossible to monitor every single thought we have as we have so many in a day. Firstly concentrate on the things you would like to change! Think about the perfect job, the perfect body, abundance etc. and go from there.

The law of attraction is a three step process: ask, believe and receive. It is really that simple and there are some great tools that you can use to help you to manifest the life you desire. We are the creators of our lives and our dreams and we have the power to manifest anything we wish.

Ask – send out the thoughts of the things you would like with feeling, feel what it would be like to have the things you want.

Believe – believe that you deserve them and believe that the universe will deliver them, you don’t need to worry about how they will be delivered, just believe that they will.

Receive – now you have done the hard work, be open to receiving what you have asked for, however it arrives.

Tools to help you to use this three step process.

There are many tools available to help us with taking control of our lives and manifesting the life we deserve, here are a few that I have found very helpful.
Meditation – helps quieten the mind so you can focus on the things you truly desire
Positive thought – brings in more things to be positive about.
Affirmations – positive statements that affirm we have what we want.
Gratitude – the more we are grateful for the more the universe will bring us to be grateful for.

Visualization – see the things you want, visualize and imagine what they look like.

Feelings – feel excited about having the things you want, feel the feelings of having everything you want.
Vision Boarding – a collage of pictures you can see often to help you visualize what you want.
Intention – intend to have the things you desire.
Releasing blockages – we may have blockages that stop us from having the things we desire like being uncomfortable around money, or feeling that you don’t deserve money so releasing any blockages is necessary in order to receive.
Forgiveness – when we forgive we are letting go of past issues and living in the present.
Working with the moons phases – the moon is a very powerful energy and its phases have been used for hundreds of years. There is a phase for removing the things you want and one for bringing in the things you desire.
Goal setting – setting goals helps us to have focus and to see the things we have achieved.
Cosmic ordering – allows us to have real focus on what we want and is a ritual to send out to the universe what we truly desire.
Speak your truth – when we speak from our hearts, we speak our truth and it is very liberating.


This week look at one thing you truly desire, be it job, health, home etc and use gratitude, affirmations and the law of attraction to send it out to the universe. Remember you can use both affirmations and gratitude as if you have already received what you want.

I am truly grateful that my job brings me clients i can help and inspire.

I am transforming into someone who is always focused on positivity and gratitude.

I know that I have the knowledge and resources to achieve my dreams.  Thank you.


Until next week




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As we start to use gratitude on a daily basis we will be using affirmations to do so. So this week i thought we would look at affirmations and how to use them.

Affirmations are positive statements that are repeated over and over again, it is a declaration that something is true. Our bodies believe every thought we think, so by repeating affirmations we are declaring what we would like and we can then bring what we want in to our reality.  It doesn’t matter if we don’t have it yet our subconscious doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy.

When choosing affirmations you need to choose positive affirmations that resonate with you, or try writing your own. As well as writing it in your journal, repeat as often as you can throughout the day. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations, they have to be repeated with attention, interest, faith, desire and feeling. The more feelings you put into them the more your subconscious is going to believe them. By using this process throughout the day with intent you influence your subconscious mind which in turn, transforms your habits, behavior, attitude, and reactions, and will begin to reshape your external life.

Sometimes, results appear quickly, but sometimes more time is required. You may attain immediate results, and other times, it might take days, weeks, months or more. Getting results depends on several factors, such as the time, focus, faith and the feelings you invest in repeating your affirmations, on the strength of your desire, and on how big or small your goal is.

It is important to understand that repeating positive affirmations for a few minutes, and then thinking negative thoughts for the rest of the day can neutralize the effects of the positive words. You have to keep all of your thoughts positive if you wish to attain positive results.

Here are a couple of affirmations to give you an idea, make sure all the word you use are positive.

“Wealth is pouring into my life.”

“I radiate love and happiness.”

“My body is fit and healthy.”


Or you can use them as I am statements.

“I am connecting to my angels quickly and effortlessly.”

“I am so happy to find the perfect career that satisfies me in every way.”

“I am confident, organised and successful.”

“I am living in the house of my dreams.”


So when using affirmations with gratitude our affirmations will be something like this:

“I am grateful for all the positive people in my life”.

“I am grateful that i am happy and healthy.”


We can also use gratitude affirmations for the things we wish to bring in, i.e

“I am grateful that my business is successful”.

“I am grateful that i have all the money i need.”


Have some fun this week writing your own gratitude affirmations.


Until next week,




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Welcome to my weekly column.

Each week we will be working with gratitude and other tools like affirmations, visualization, positive though, mind set and the law of attraction to help us to change our lives.  Just making small changes to the way we think and act can make a huge difference to how we feel, and when we feel more positive we are able to achieve more positive things.

So what is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation for something, whether it is for the food you eat, your relationship, your family or anything else you have in your life.  The list of things we can be grateful for is endless and by expressing our gratitude on a daily basis we are bringing positivity into our lives. Gratitude is a very powerful emotion, it can dissolve negativity, bring happiness and make you feel good too. When we focus our attention to the things we are grateful for we are living in the present moment.

On the same note if we are ungrateful for our lives and the people and situations around us we will just bring in more negativity and less things to be grateful for. Feelings of resentment, anger, jealousy and dissatisfaction are not only negative emotions but will just bring in more of the same negative emotions. When we focus on the things we have lost we are living our lives in the past and the good things we have around us in the present are being missed or ignored.

Einstein proved that everything in the universe is made of energy and this energy vibrates on different frequencies. When we are discontent and unhappy we vibrate on a very low frequency and when we are happy and content we vibrate on a much higher frequency. One of the most powerful universal laws is the law of attraction, this law states that whatever we send out to the universe we get back, like attracts like. So if we are sending out negative thoughts and emotions we will get back more negative thoughts and emotions. If we send out positive thoughts and emotions we will get back positive thoughts and emotions.

So this is where gratitude comes into play. When we are grateful for the things we have the law of attraction and the universe will bring us more things to be grateful for. Also when we spend time looking at what we have and are grateful for we are looking at the positives in our lives and are sending out positive thoughts and emotions which will also help lift our mood, help us to stay positive and help us to live in the present. If we are constantly looking at what we have lost we will continue to live in the past and give up on all the good, positive people, events and situations around us.

So how do we use gratitude on a daily basis?

It is very easy to bring gratitude into our everyday lives, the more we say thank you, the more we have things to say thank you for, like attracts like!

Write a Gratitude Diary

Spending 10 minutes a day writing a gratitude diary is a great way to get started. Before you go to bed at night spend a little time thinking about your day and write down, with feeling and emotion everything that made you happy and that you were grateful for, i.e. your college brought you a coffee, the train was on time, the queue in the shop was short, you avoided getting wet in the storm, whatever it is write it down in the present tense. “ I am grateful the bus was on time”,” I am grateful for the coffee Millie brought me.” etc.

I look forward to hearing how you all found this exercise and your thoughts and comments.

For more information on my service please visit my website www.spiritdivine.co.uk  or my Facebook page 

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