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Cinnabar Stone –┬áThe Merchants Stone

cinnabar31980aCinnabar has strong metaphysical properties, and it is known as a stone for manifestation, transformation, healing and wealth creation and has been labeled the ‘Merchants Stone’.

The energy of this stone may bring an increase of wealth into your business, increase cash flow and generally boost finances and help you to manifest the things you desire.

It is a stone of transformation, magic, alchemy and healing. It aids enhanced communication, self-expression and inspired thinking and may be used to align all of the chakras and release fear and resentment.

It will aid you with developing intuition, and brings an increase in your mental alertness, ingenuity and your ability to think more directly and creatively. Your creative gifts resonate from within your sacral chakra and this stone has a strong energy for enhancing creativity.

Cinnabar stone is a powerful transformation crystal. It will help you to create a healthier, happier life for yourself and those around you. It can also help you to release feelings of sadness, as well as any ancient karmic energy stuck in the lower chakras.

It has powerful metaphysical properties that encourage you to think in a more inspired and spiritually creative way and this connection between the spiritual world and the physical world makes this a potent stone. By bringing spiritual insights from your third eye to the lower chakras they may be brought into physical reality to manifest ideals, and to manifest money.


Using Cinnabar

This stone resonates strongly within the sacral chakra and base chakra and this energy is known to enhance kundalini awakening. It will encourage a stronger flow of life-force energy within these lower chakras, where it is known to stimulate sexual feelings, and may enhance personal relationships.

It is also thought to increase cash flow, so keeping some in your purse will be of benefit.

Cinnabar Stone has a strong vibration to ground excessive energy, taking any excess down via the base chakra to the earth chakra, to facilitate spiritual grounding.

This makes it a helpful stone to use for enhancing your personal relationships, as any excess of energy will safely dissipate to ground.

It is known to also help you to release fear and resentment… and to deal with hurt feelings, anger, and jealousy… and stop you from taking issues to heart.

It is a powerful stone to use during meditation, as it enables you to better understand the flow of energy from the Divine source to the physical world. This stone will encourage a greater flow of this energy to the physical body.

It is known as an excellent stone to have in your business to manifest money. The best way to use it is to keep it close to where you receive your money… as this method has been known to bring an increase in income.

It may help you to ascertain where problems are that may block your abundance and may bring an influx of abundance and prosperity into your life.

It also aids sales people… as it will increase your assertiveness and may aid your speech to be more articulate and more persuasive. It is known to stimulate an increase in self confidence and to facilitate more fluency in your communication.

Combining It With Other Stones

This stone has strong qualities for stimulating manifestation and will encourage abundance and prosperity and this may be enhanced further if you use it with any of the Golden stones… including Citrine Crystals, Sunstones, Yellow Labradorite, Chalcopyrite, Yellow Apatite and Amber.

Carnelian Stones

If you wish to bring an increase in your creative abilities you may combine it with one of the specific sacral chakra stones for enhancing creativity, including Orange Calcite, Sunstones, Zincite or Orange Carnelian.

To aid personal relationships… you may combine Cinnabar with Sardonyx, Red Jasper, Fire Agate, Zincite or Orange Carnelian.

Cinnabar is known to aid kundalini awakening… and Serpentine Stone is a powerful stone to use to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Use it with stones such as Black Tourmaline, Cuprite or Red Garnet… which are base chakras stones that also aid grounding. Phenacite and Super Seven are third eye chakra stones that stimulate mental and visionary abilities, so they will combine well with it to enhance this aspect.


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