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are the angels closest to earth and are the managers of guardian angels and they are one of the 9 choirs of angles. They are much larger and more powerful than angels. Each of the


has a special job to do, they are an expert in their field.  The


do not have earthly bodies and do not have genders although their characteristics and specialities can give their energies either male or female persona.  Is not know exactly how many archangels there are but we will look at some of the better known archangels a bit later.

The word archangel is derived from the Greek word archi which means first, principle or chief and angelos which means messenger of God, so the archangels are the principle messengers of God.

Archangels can be called on at any time and can help many people simultaneously. So never worry about calling the archangels to help they are never too busy and nothing is to trivial for them, they are waiting for you to call on them for their help and guidance.

As archangels and guardian angels do not have physical bodies they will appear to us in the form we expect to see them, that is, if we expect to see them as beautiful angels with human bodies, wings and halos that is how they will present themselves to us. They would never want to scare us and will only show themselves if they believe we are ready to see them. That is not to say they are not around us, they will communicate with us in different ways. You may see them as flashes of coloured lights around you, each of the colours relating to a different angel, or a bright white light. They may communicate though your thoughts and ideas, your intuition and gut feelings, you may even hear them speak, or feel their presents around you, you may feel a hug or change of temperature when they are around. Just because you dont physically see them with your eyes does not mean they are not there, it may just mean your not ready to see them yet.

So lets have a look at these amazing celestial beings in more detail. We will start with Archangel Michael.


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As we know there are literally thousands of angels all of who have specific jobs to do. Although we have our guardian angles very close at all times we can also call on these additional angels at any time for their help. Like people, angels have their specialities so you can ask for the ones best qualified to help with a particular situation or call upon the group of specialist angels. These angels never mind you calling on them for help, they are never too busy to help you and no request is too big or too small, they are happy to help. I would also like to point out that by asking for an angels help you are not taking that help away from someone else, they can help many people all at the same time, so don’t be afraid to ask.

So lets have a look at some of the specialist groups of angels.

Romance angels

These cherub like angels can help relationships in many ways including:

bringing people together, including helping you get ready to meet your soul mate by offering you help and guidance and then helping you meet them. They can help with troubled relationships by helping to ease the problems and add fun and passion back in to the relationship. They can also help bring a little romance into happy relationships where all that is missing is a little romance. Just ask for their help and see what happens, be prepared to be amazed.

Driving and parking angels

These are one of my favourite groups of angels, who have never let me down. When you first start to work with angels and invite them into your life i always suggest you talk to the parking angel. On your way to the shops ask the angel to help you find a parking space close to the store, you can visualize the space you would like if you want to, as you pull in to the car park be prepared to pull in to the space you wanted, it works every time. These angels will also help you arrive at your destination safely and on time.

Fitness angels

This group of angels can help you find the motivation you need to live a healthy life, they can motivate you to keep up your fitness regime and help you find the right exercise for you to help you keep your body fit. They can also help with eating the right foods and stop cravings.

Abundance Angels

This group of angels can help you with finances in amazing ways, they can leave coins for you to find to let you know they are with you, they can help with financial windfalls, making the right career moves at the right time, helping with financial decisions and giving your career a boost.

Moving Angels

This group of angels can help with moving house, they can help you sell or rent your old house, find the perfect new house, help with financing the new house, reduce stress and protect your possessions whilst you move .

Healing Angels

This group of angels can help healing in many different ways. This group is led by Arch Angel Raphael, who we will be looking at in more detail later. These angels can help with health worries, releasing stress, send healing energy to the sick and help healers to name but a few.

I have listed just a few of the groups of angels you can call on for help. Some others include:

Nature angels – they will help with anything to do with nature.

Shopping angels – they will help you save time and money and guide you to the perfect gifts.

Lost item angels – just ask them for help with items you have lost and they will be found.

Angels of protection – these angels can be called on to protect the things you love and want to protect including family, friends, house, car etc..

The Angel repair team – led by Arch Angel Michael this team of angels can do wonders with faulty electrical and mechanical items. The next time you have car or computer problems, call them in for some help.

There are literally thousands of angels you can call on, so here are some more for you.

angel of beauty, angel of optimism, angel of direction and purpose, angel of believe and trust, angel of love and self love, angel of cleanliness, angel of creativity, angel of prosperity, angel of knowledge, angel of patients, angel of marriage, angel of new beginnings, angel of forgiveness. These are just a few angels.

You can ask for any of these angels to help you at any time, just clear your mind and ask them to help for example if  you have lost something, either in your mind or out loud say dear angels please can you help me find my keys. You may get a sudden knowing of where to look or where you last had them, you may even get a voice in your head telling you where to look or a picture in your mind.

We will have a look in more detail at working with these angels a little later and i will show you how to connect to them to get the best help from them and ideas on how you can bring angels help into your everyday life.

We are going to look at Arch angels next starting with the four best know, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

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Our guardian angels are with us from the minute we are born and will stay with us until we die. Our guardian angels are assigned to us to help us, guide and love us. They cannot interfere in our lives as we have free will, they can only try to help us.  They will not stop us from making mistakes and they will not live our lives for us as we will only grow stronger through learning valuable lessons on our journey. Our guardian Angels can only help us when we ask for their help and they will only show us the answers when we are ready to receive them unless we are in danger. I have read many stories about people’s lives being saved by angels. When our life is in danger our guardian angel can step in to save us and they can do this in many ways, it could be that you have a feeling to go a different way to work and when you get there you hear from a colleague that there was a terrible accident and had you gone that way you would have been involved, or a voice in your head says stop or brake and as you come to a stop a car pulls out in front of you, had you not stopped you would have hit him head on. So if we are in danger our angels will try to warn us and protect us, but we must start to listen to our intuition and gut instincts as this is how our angels connect with us.

Everyone has a guardian angel, including all the people who spend their lives causing others distress and harm. These people don’t listen to their angels and don’t wish for there help to turn their lives around. Angels will never stop loving us, no matter what we do and they always want what is best for us.

If we wish to connect with our angels more we must learn to be open to them communicating with us and listen to what they are telling us. If we ask the angels for their help they do like us to listen to what they are saying and to follow the advice they give to us as they will only guide you to what is best for you.

I will be writing some practical lessons on how to connect to your and angels and guides a bit later on.

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New Moon Wishes Ritual

When performing rituals it is important to prepare yourself as well as all the tools you will need during the ritual beforehand. Turn off all phones and ensure you will not be disturbed during the ritual.

Preparing  yourself.

There are many ways you can prepare yourself before a ritual, you can take a salt bath, ground yourself, meditate or just do some deep breathing.

Preparing your space.

The space where you are going to preform your ritual is also important. The space should be quiet and peaceful and you should feel relaxed here. You can enhance your ritual space with crystals, candles, an altar, incense or you can cleanse the area with sage, whatever makes you feel relaxed.

Performing the ritual.

Once you are ready to get started open the ritual by lighting your candles and incense if you have any. At this point you can call in your guides and angels to help you perform this ritual.  Have your note book at hand ready to write down your intentions. Take a few deep breaths and focus.  Write a statement in your note book along the lines of “I accept these things or something better into my life now for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.” Focus on the things you would like to bring in and write your intentions in you note book and ensure they are written in the present tense and are very positive. I am and I want statements are the best.

When you have finished writing you list of intentions read them out loud.

When you are ready you can close the ritual in any way you feel drawn to. Blow out the candles and give thanks to your helpers and the universe. Now believe that these intentions and desires will manifest and let go of how they will manifest, just know that they will.

If you wish you can make a vision board of your desires and intentions as this will help you to visualise them on a daily basis.

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Working with the phases of the Moon

The moon is a very powerful entity that we can use to enhance our lives. Each phase of the moon’s cycle brings with it special energy that we can use to enhance various aspects of our day to day lives. By using the moons phases on a day to day basis we can not only bring in the things we wish for but can also remove the things we no longer need.


New Moon

The new moon is a time for looking at the things you intend to bring in as well as personal growth and positive change. It is a time for new beginnings and transformation, it is the best time to start new projects and ventures, new relationships and bringing in new clients. The new moon is also the best time for healing and starting diets and a healthy life style.


Waxing Moon

The waxing moon is the time between the new moon and full moon, it is when you see the moon growing in the sky.

The waxing moon is the time to work on the things you wish to attract or intend bring into your life. It is also a time of transformation and new beginnings. It is a time for increasing things in your life including: money, wealth, knowledge, communication, love, fertility and healing.


The Waning Moon

The waning moon is the phase between the full moon and the new moon when the moon is getting smaller.

The waning moon is excellent for removing the things in our lives that no longer serve us, it is a time of letting go of things including: bad relationships, bad habits, addictions, weight, debt, stress and releasing old patterns. It is a good time to clear out things including the house, cupboards, garage etc. making room for the new things to come in.


Full Moon

The full moon is when the moon is at its most powerful, 3 days before and 3 days after the full moon are the best time to work with the moons power, especially if performing spells and rituals.

The full moon is the best time for increasing psychic ability, perfecting ideas, renewing commitment and for getting your act together.


Dark Moon

The dark moon is the phase just before the new moon. It is the time when the moon is not visible. This phase lasts for 1 day prior to the dark moon and one day after the dark moon.

The dark moon is a time for discarding the things you don’t need and a time for reflection, looking at what you have achieved and what you want to achieve. It is also a time for yourself and going within to see what it is you really desire.


When working with the moon phases it is important to use intention, feelings and positivity in order to bring your wishes to fruition. Writing you intentions down is also important as it turns you dreams and intentions in to clear goals and the also gives the universe physical evidence that this is what you truly desire. It also gives you a record to keep, so that you can look back and see the things you have manifested over a period of time. Giving you a sense of achievement and the desire to keep achieving the goals you really desire.

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There are literally thousands of angels and each angel has a specific job to do to help us.  Apart from our guardian angel, who we will talk about a bit later, the rest of the angels come to us when we need help with certain things and are with us for as long as we need them. You can connect with these angels at any time by just calling them and asking them to help, just speak to them in your mind or out loud and they will hear you. They will respond to you when the timing is right for you to receive whatever help you have asked for, this is called divine timing. So you could receive answers in a few minutes, days or weeks, whenever they feel you are ready.

Calling upon your angels

There are many ways you can connect with your angels, none of which is right or wrong, the more you work with your angels the more you will know what works best for you. So let’s have a look at some of the ways you can connect.


This is great method when you are first starting out as your body is relaxed and your ego is also relaxed making contact easier. There are many good guided meditations available and this is also a good way to get to know your guardian angel. The more you meditate and get used to being in a relaxed state the more receptive you will be to the angels energy and vibration around you and you will know when angels are close.

Through speech

You can just speak to your angels as if you were speaking to someone in the room with you. They will always hear you and will always answer you when the time is right.

Through writing

You can also write your questions to your angels in a journal, this is a very powerful way to connect with them and of course you have a record of the questions you have asked them.


You can also speak to them through your mind or silently, they will hear your thoughts and answer them. This is great when you are in a room full of people and you really need their guidance.

All of these ways of communication are as good as the other and the more you experiment with them you will find what works best for you. You will also find that different methods are sometimes required depending what you are doing when you need their help. If you can and your situation allows it, it is always nice to calm your mind and light a candle before communicating with your angels, it is not absolutely necessary  but it helps calm the mind and occupies the ego so the ego doesn’t interfere and start questioning what you are doing and putting doubt in your mind.

How the angels answer us

The answers we receive from our angels can take many forms and they will keep repeating them until we understand them, generally they will repeat things 3 times, but don’t worry if you don’t get the message they will keep repeating until you do. Things we see as coincidence are messages from our angels, so let’s say you keep seeing a number pattern come up like 11:11 let’s say you see it on a clock, then a car no plate and then on the radio, this is the angels getting messages to you. Let’s say you have asked the angels a question and you are waiting for a reply, make sure you keep your ears and eyes open to receiving the answers, you may keep hearing the same song on the radio, there will be a line in the song with the answer, you may read the paper and the answer will be there or you may overhear a conversation etc etc.  Angels can get through in many ways and have a good sense of humour so expect the answer to come in mysterious ways.

If you have asked the angels for help with people coming into your life, you may just find they appear from nowhere but you almost know them and hit it off instantly. If you need help in the short term from someone they may be in your life for a short while and disappear as quickly as they arrived, sometimes these people are known as earth angels who came in your time of need and left when you no longer needed them.

There really are many ways the angels can send us answers to our questions, just be open to receiving the answers. You may just have a knowing that answers your question, this is clairsentience, you may even hear voices answering you, this is clairaudience, you may receive pictures in your mind, this is clairvoyance, we will look at the clairs in more detail later. They may also visit you in your dreams which we will also look at in more detail.

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Angles and Religion

I wanted to make it very clear that although Angels feature in many religious texts including the bible, the Qur’an, the Kabbalah and other religious texts that you do not need to follow any religious believes to work with or hear or see angels. Angels are non-denominational and are happy to work with anyone that calls upon them for help and guidance.


Angels will work with you sending their love and guidance whether you are atheist, Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Spiritual etc., Angels  really don’t mind what your belief system is.


So let’s have a look through religious history to see where Angels have shown up (we will look at angels in history a bit later). Throughout history Angels have appeared in many different forms including as winged creatures, humans and spirits.


The Bible

Angels appeared first appeared in the bible in the book of Genesis but probably the most remembered story is the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary to tell her of the arrival of the Son of God. There are many other mentions of Angels, up to about 300, throughout both the new and old testaments. Angels were very present throughout the life of Jesus from his birth to his assention in the New Testament.


The Qur’an

Angels are very present in the Islamic tradition one such story is that the prophet Mohammed was visited by Arch Angel Gabriel where he was told that the angels were mediums between heaven and earth.



Buddhists don’t believe in one creator they believe in reincarnation but Angels are still present and are called bodhisattvas.


Shamanistic Traditions

In shamanistic cultures Angels are seen as mystical birds, but they can also show in human form.


As you can see Angels have appeared in many different believe systems and i haven’t gone into too much detail here as you can find out more about the history of angels within your own believe system. Whatever your belief system is you can work with these loving celestial beings to bring joy, love and happiness into your life, but remember we have free will and they will not step in unless you ask them too.




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