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How to make an angel altar

ImageAn angel altar is a very important link in establishing a strong, powerful connection with the angelic realm. Creating an angel altar is very simple to do and you don’t need to go out and buy lots of items. You can use items that you have found like shells, feathers, a pot plant, candles and anything that you feel will bring you closer to the angels.

An angel altar is an area of serenity where you can sit in peace and open your heart and mind to the angels and a harmonious sanctuary for your mind, body and soul. You can make it your own sacred space and by creating your angelic altar you are indicating to the angels that you wish to connect and communicate with them.


When creating an angelic altar you can experiment with the lay-out, position and/or the items placed on the altar. Here are my suggestions. Some of the items you don’t need to get immediately but they will help as you progress, these are marked with *

Place a large white candle in the middle of your altar on a white table cloth.

Add a statue or figurine of an angel (made from any material)

Add at least 2 different fragrances from essential oils, incense, pot plant or herbs, flowers, scented candles.

A few crystals that help with connection for you angels (help with selecting the right crystals below)

A pointed clear quartz pendulum *

A couple of large crystals, I would always suggest you have some rose quartz.

A large crystal sphere either clear quartz or sodalite. *

Then you can add any other items you wish including some of the items listed above.

Selecting the right crystals


Crystals are a great tool for helping with angelic connection. You may find that different crystal work well with different angels so you may like to buy a selection as you progress. For now if you already have a favourite crystal or gemstone you can see if they help you connect to your guardian angel, your angel will try to be helpful and is not fussy. When choosing your crystals you can connect to your guardian angel and if you have a pendulum ask your angel to show you which crystal they like. (more on pendulum work later)

These crystals are particularly good for angel connection, but if you are drawn to any others please feel free to give them a go.

Amethyst, angelite, green or purple fluorite, moonstone, clear quartz, rutilated quartz (angel hair) rose quartz or sodalite.


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Hello world!

Welcome to Spirit Divine,

Here I will be posting articles and information to help with spiritual development. Please feel free to ask questions and interact with the posts.

I hope you find the information here useful and i welcome any comments.

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